<h2>Constructions Office</h2><p>Pantazis Vassilios Ltd.</p> <h2>Constructions Office</h2><p>Pantazis Vassilios Ltd.</p> <h2>Constructions Office</h2><p>Pantazis Vassilios Ltd.</p> <h2>Constructions Office</h2><p>Pantazis Vassilios Ltd.</p>
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Our Services

Pantazis Vassilios Ltd.
Constructions Office


Our Services:
The company "Pantazis Vassilios Ltd." is active in the Public and Private sector in the issuance of building permits, designing of all kinds of projects, construction of technical projects, technical consultancy, services, studies, construction, organization and supervision for the same or for third parties of any kind commercial , Industrial facilities, buildings and other areas such as apartment buildings, offices, shopping centers etc.


  • We have been involved in the rebuilding, maintenance and renovation section of real estate or buildings as well as the valuation and purchase of real estate.
  • Also with the uninterrupted cutting and repair of reinforced concrete buildings that have been damaged in their bearing body.
  • Undertakes topographic surveys, arbitrage legalizations and a PEA issue. As well as the preparation of files for participation in NSRF programs and their subsequent monitoring.
  • He holds a MEEP of the 2nd Class of MEEP and participates in competitions for public projects of a similar budget. It has new and well-maintained mechanical equipment, all the necessary software and the most experienced, experienced staff.
  • It also has all the necessary equipment for the construction of any kind of building project.


Our construction services covers the following areas:

  • Public and private projects
  • Earthmoving
  • Road works
  • Stamped floors
  • Space configurations
  • Cementing
  • Hydraulic works
  • Restoration of buildings
  • Construction of houses
  • Construction work of any nature.
  • Uncut cutting.
  • Strengthening structures made of reinforced concrete, bearing masonry as well as metal buildings.



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